Friday, October 30, 2009

What Makes Someone Selfish and Some Unselfish

So today in my lack of sleep state I'm wondering what makes someone selfish? Why do someone people put others first, and others only put themselves first?

I don't think most people mean to be selfish but there are those who are just so consumed with themselves. It's all about what they want, what they need, they don't seem to take the time to really think that what they do might actually affect others.

Where does that come from? Is it learned or inherited?

And what makes some people so unselfish to the point they think of others before themselves. The people who would do anything to help someone, or always put others needs before their own?

Neither to the extreme is good. It's a combination of the two that make for a more grounded person because let's face it one can't always put others needs before their own but one never wants to take it to an extreme where they can't see beyond themselves either.

Just something to think about. Maybe it's too deep for a Friday but it's something I felt like writing about.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


What is a promise? A promise by definition is: a transaction between two or more persons whereby the first person undertakes in the future to render some service, gift or assurance to the others or devotes something valuable now and here to use.

Often times it feels like the word gets misused, people and even groups make promises that often times aren't kept which defeats the whole purpose of making one. Not only that but it erodes the trust and dependability that goes along with a promise.

What happens when a promise is made and not kept? Often times people feel hurt, disappointed or even deceived. Words mean something, to give ones word and keep it is important. When people don't comes not only disappointment but also a certain disrepect is felt. As if the person making the promise simply could care less.

It's not even about what was promised, it's just knowing that someone kept their word, and knowing you can trust that when an individual makes a promise it will be upheld. That their word really means, that is what matters the most knowing you can count on someone.

In life it's hard to find people whose word means something, who really mean what they say.

Problem is our society as a whole seems to be slipping further and further away from that. The news is filled with stories of promises broken, which people seem to just accept. Why is that? Why do people just accept things, instead of standing up for what they think is right.

For example, if a politician breaks his word and promises why do we as a society let him get away with it? We have votes, in fact if enough loud mouths speak up there's a great possibility of getting the politician to live up to his promises. Same goes for other such situations.

If we allow others to break promises they will keep doing it, today take responsbility for what you say and help other's take responsibility for what they say.

If you make a promise keep it, and if you can't explain from the bottom of your heart why you can't, and how you will make up for it.....because even that goes a long way. Then really keep to your word and make up for it.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dr Appointments Screenings?

Wow does anyone wanna hear an unusual way of scheduling Doctor's appointments.

I have a Doctor close to where I work, where you can't just call and make an appointment. You first have to tell all your health details to the receptionist, who then relys it to a nurse, the nurse calls you back, then asks you to describe in detail the problem....from there she decides whether you are worthy of an appointment. Or whether they will just prescribe something.

So a nurse who never saw the patient decides whether the patient is worthy of being seen in person for an appointment? Yup.

Has anyone ever heard of that before? No doctor in the past that I ever seen had a appointment screening test like that, if you feel sick they schedule an appointment. Besides, how can any office prescribe medicine without seeing the patient first?

Plus this office only has hours from 9-5, and no weekend. And my workplace doesn't exactly like people leaving during work hours. So it looks like the negatives out weight the positives for this doctor's office. Looks like I will go back to my old doctor at least they schedule appointments with no screenings and have evening hours. Down side driving 50 mins to get there which is why I tried the new doctor in the first place being she was only 5 mins down the road. Oh well another lessoned learned.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I've decided you can love someone but you definitely don't have to love their habits. haha

My man has a few habits that I don't always understand, sometimes they even puzzle me. Plus many affect me in some way or form. Take for example electronics.

You see the tv in our house it's always on. From the moment he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. If it wasn't for me he would sleep with it on too.

We are talking eating, getting dressed, romance, and even working the thing is always on. In fact I think Sportscenter could be put on hold temporarily to have a little romance but nope it stays on the whole time. It wakes me up when it's turned on early am while I am still trying to sleep. That's the only real time it bothers me but hey sleep is precious.

Oh, don't even get me started on the blackberry, I'll save that story for another day. (that habit is lot more dangerous) Really the electronics are mild habits compared to a few others. So I'm not complaining because I'm sure I have annoying habits too. We all do, and that's what makes us human and unique from each other. But I'm up early, half asleep, and just felt like venting....that's all. haha Sleeepppppppp.

Oh yeah and as I write this the tv is on. Been on since 7:30 am, so much for sleeping in on this Sunday morning!

Friday, October 23, 2009


"Truth fears no questions".

Short but to the point. Ever notice how a person who has lied, even if it is a small white lie becomes uncomfortable when asked a question pertaining to the lie. That or people become defensive or just avoid answering the question. Because one question can cause a whole other host of lies to be told to cover up the first. That's the way it works with lies questions are their worst enemy. So much truth in such a small quote.

So why do people not just tell the truth? To even try to answer that might take pages because everyone has their own reasons, and reasoning behind what they do.

Though let's face it, living a life of truth is much easier and less painful than creating lies that only end up hurting the people who tell them. Lies burden ones soul in ways many don't realize. There's a loss of character, respect, honesty, loyalty, and other such virtues. Some would say who cares....but the body, the mind, and the soul care. The stress that can come with even one small lie can wreck havoc on such things.

While being truthful allows one to be 100 percent themselves, it allows others to see them for who they really are. People who live in the truth are stronger souls because they have nothing to hide, they show their cards for all to see....accept me or don't. And the weak hide behind lies usually out of a variety of fears.

I've read some stories lately, even heard stories from a friend or two that saddened me because the truth was kept from them in ways that deeply hurt them later on. And sometimes in life there isn't always a second chance to redeme oneself. Which led me to want to share with the world the above quote.

Let's all live in truth. Let's show our true selves to people. Life is sweeter when you can just be yourself and live in the light of the truth. Forgive yourself and others for the lies they have told in the past they know no better, but from now on live in truth, ask the people in your life to live in truth and seek those who do, and see what happens.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise Flowers

So yesterday I got a surprise a bouquet of flowers. Anyone who understands my love for flowers knows what a great gift that is. And the thought behind the flowers was even more special.

Amazing how little things like that can just brighten a whole day. Between the beauty of the flowers and the thought behind was like sun popping out on a cloudy day. Simply wonderful.

It just goes to show you that gratitude and happiness can be found in simple gestures and moments. Often times we take those little things for granted but we shouldn't because one never knows how much it can mean to someone else.

So with that in mind go do something special for someone in your life today. Doesn't have to cost a lot or be some extravagant something from the heart that has meaning. Bring a smile to someones face, show them how much you care, and most importantly do it from the heart.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life Like The Waltons

Does anyone remember the Waltons? It was a tv show that aired in the 70's., about a husband and wife with seven children, and their parents living under the same roof. It was based on the creator's own life growing up in Virginia during the Depression and World War II days.

It was a marvelous, feel good kind of show that spoke of real morals and values. The tv shows today are lacking that. Either they spend much of their time making fun of each other or being saracastic, often little respect is shown for the elders of the show, and overall the family unit appears chaotic compared with the strength the Waltons showed.

So I was thinking today life like the Waltons clan would be pretty amazing. I'm not saying we should go back to the depression era, but what I am saying is family should be held important and put before anything. There should be more respect shown toward family members too. I think our tv shows today are a reflection of the reality of what has become of families.

The Waltons had their ups and downs but always managed to respect each other, to work through their problems, to put their family first, and each night they went to be saying I love you. That's what life needs more of. It needs stronger family units where people but their family before work, friends, and other outside things.

Years ago generations of families lived together now families are scattered across the country or would not want to entertain living with generations under one roof. The family unit is often taken for granted as are family members. Kids need to have relationships with their grandparents, and adults need to have relationships with their's the circle of life and there is much knowledge and wisdom to be imparted from such relationships. Siblings should try and form the strongest relationships possible because blood is the strongest bond there is.

Anyway....if you haven't seen the show I suggest you do because life like the Waltons has the ability to make this world a better place. Today put your family your parents,siblings, grandparents, etc., tell them you love and make plans to do something special with them because family is what life is all about.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sharing A Thermostat

So I've mentioned the joys of renting before but here's another one. Alas since our apt is in a house, and there are only two other apts....the landlord decided one thermostat would be ok to control the heat in all apts. What?

Yeah you heard right all apts share the same thermostat. So it makes this time of year and right through winter very tricky. One apt stays cool, the other gets hot and so who gets to say what temperature it gets set at? No one and that is the problem. People move it up and down it's pretty silly. Then again who ever heard of one thermostat shared by multiple apartments?

And yes we are trying to find another place problem is the inside of this place is so newly renovated, and the rooms are big that it's hard to find another place for the reasoable price we pay now. Plus we have a beautiful large patio, with an area to garden which I love. Ideally we would like to rent or buy a house but either the insides are so out dated or the prices are just out of hand. We work in an area with housing prices that are rather high.

So in the meantime I'm wondering how another year of sharing a thermostat is going to play out. Will we all be running in and out of our apts trying to move the dang thing to the temperature we prefer? If so it might just turn into a Seinfield like episode.

Ah the joys of renting....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ivanka's New Book

Good Morning America did an interview with Ivanka Trump about her new book that is about to be released this morning. I had to chuckle when she said it's a book written for her peers. What peers? The majority of her peers will never have the privileges Ivanka has. It's hard to give advice when you never really had to work like the average joe for what you have.

I'm not saying that Ivanka is not smart because getting in Wharton is definitely an achievement. Her intelligence is quite obvious when you hear her speak. And she appears by all means to be a nice person. But her writing a book just doesn't appeal to me as I can't help but think she has no idea what it's like in the real world.

The average student at Wharton comes out at least 80,000 in debt. And that's not including undergraduate debt. Trying to find a job, surviving on the after college budget that so many students have to these days is something Ivanka knows nothing about. Because of her name doors automatically open in the workplace. Yes some of that has to do with her intelligence and a lot of that also has to do with who her father knows. Her title to be exact is executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump organization. Come on.

She will never know what it's like in this economic time to have to send out hundreds of resumes and hope to hear back from at least a few. With so many companies laying off these days, even an ivy league degree does not guarantee a high paying job, nor a job at all. So I find it very hard to understand how she can write a book of any sort that is directed at her peers.

Is she referring to her peers in the 5% of the millionaire world or her socialite friends/fiance? Her fiance's father made a 2.5 million dollar donation to Harvard and of course that is where he went. Her world is just different than the average person so writing a book that peers could actually relate to is rather difficult. Even Donald would have a hard time with that one.

Does she realize how long it takes the average graduate student to even pay back their loans? Does she even know how many of her peers are struggling to stay afloat in this economy? Or how many of her peers have been laid off, or can't find a job, even though their resumes are inpeciable?

What about all her peers who work much longer hours, who give so much of their lives to their job, who have to work the ladder of the corporate world, biding their time hoping to one day hold that executive position, sometimes even having to work two jobs to stay afloat financially and pay back all their educational loans.

So write a book Ivanka but don't think you understand what it's like to live or work in the real world. Yes, you are intelligent but so are many, many others in this world. The truth is no matter what you like to think, you have gotten where you are because of the family name and who your father is. Trust me doors have been opened to you that will remain closed for the vast majority of your peers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quit Smoking or Not?

So my guy on his own decided as of Sept 1 he was going to quit smoking. Which I know is no easy task given how addicting nicotine is, and the fact that he tried before but eventually caved to the cigs. I was estatic to hear him say those words.

And I've been really proud of him because I know it's not easy but he's been saying how he's doing it and it's not that hard. Well, that is until I realized when he sleeps at night I once again smell the smoke coming out his nose.

Yeah I know odd right, but that's what happens when he sleeps for some reason this strong smoke smell is released. Which worries me the most because it means that poison is getting into his lungs and system.

So the other night I came home to realize the room smelled of smoke, ah it was his shirt. It was disappointing because he has been telling me giving up smoking was not hard....but in reality he never gave it up. Most disappointing has been that he felt he needed to lie to me and hide that he was smoking again. He doesn't get how that makes me more upset, I'd rather he smoke then lie.

His side is that he is only smoking a cigarette here or there not half a pack as he used to, that he technically did give it up. As I said to him quitting smoking means giving them up, not having one here or there, it means not touching them all together. That's why quitting is hard because you have to learn to reach for something else when you feel the need for a cigarette. And to his body driving, golfing, drinking, coffee and working go hand in hand with smoking.

There's not much I can do really but I hate that cigarettes have such control on his body. They are hurting his wonderful body in so many ways. I'll admit I don't like smoking the smell is awful, and peoples clothes, car, skin, and breath always smell like smoke. To a smoker its not a big deal but to someone that doesn't smoke the smell isn't pleasant. And to think that is going inside him.

But I love him so if he isn't going to quit than I hope he can at least be honest about his habit, and out of respect for me not smoke when I am around. Secretly....I'm going to pray that God gives him the strength to quit once and for all because when you love someone you just want them to be the best and healthiest they can be.

By the way, is there such a thing as quitting smoking and then having a few a day? ; )

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Happened To Sears?

Sears was always one of those stores I thought was the place to go for appliances or exercise the past they always had reliable products and great customer service. Well that can't be said anymore as the few experiences I have had lately have been absolutely horrible, and these companies wonder why they are in financial troubles?

Recently I bought a treadmill, drove to the store picked it up and brought it home only to find the main piece, yes the base one has to walk on was completely cracked. I bought the warranty so I thought it should not be a big deal but of course it was. Instead of just sending me a new base there is huge process that has to be followed first which means the treadmill isn't going to be put together or used anytime soon.

I was told after being on hold numerous times, being transferred to numerous different departments that a tech has to first come out to look at it, then he decides what is to be done, and the part has to be ordered. Oh and the tech is schedule anytime between 8-5 which means the consumer has to miss work waiting for them to show up.

Huh? If the base is completely cracked there is nothing they can repair. It's a brand new treadmill....a new base should be ordered and that's it. But no I was told they can't order the piece until the tech actually looks at it. Really?

So at this point it looks like the best option is to return it. Why give Sears my money at this point when it looks like the treadmill won't be useable for awhile. Very disappointed in Sears and don't think I would bother buying any further products from them. Upon doing some research into the company it appears Sears has one of the highest complaints issued and worst customer service department.

Note to other companies if you want to actually see a profit make sure your merchandise is of top quality, that your customer service is top notch, and when something new is cracked....just offer a new piece not the run around to get a new piece.

Edward Lampert the chairman and major stockholder of Sears should take his customers inquiries and complaints seriously then maybe he would see his company's profits rise.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Greatness Of A Nation....

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

This quote holds so much truth. It's with dismay that I write this blog today. Yet another kitten was abused and tortured in Philadelphia this past weekend. And unfortunately the news just reported that it did not survive. This on the heels of another kitten being duck taped and abandoned. Does anyone animal or human deserve to be treated like such?

What is wrong with people who enjoy abusing and torturing animals? Something is obviously very wrong mentally to even mull over the idea in one's head, let alone act upon it. And how do we as a country protect the animals from such cruelty since we can't even seem to protect humans? What is this world coming to when it's people abuse and torture innocent helpless dogs and cats who only want to give their unconditional love to humans.

I'm a dog person. And I’m not saying all dogs are perfect because occasionally one comes across an animal that just can’t be helped behaviorally, but let's face it we come across people like that too. Usually breeds become dangerous because people make them that way.

Each time I read a story such as todays I think of the quote above and believe the morals of this country are slipping at steep rate, one if which let to continue will create a weak nation with no morals and/or values. Once that happens we might as well live in total anarchy. Harsh words probably but even harsher is the reality of the world we live in. The news that is reported to us each day is filled with too many stories about people with no morals, no values, no regard for life, and no understanding of what it means to live a good life based on respect, honestly, kindness, compassion, truth, and most of all love.

Hopefully we as a nation learn from these small acts of cruelty that our society can't continue on the path it is. That somehow we find a way to create a world that is good, where stories like cuddles becomes rare, and acts of goodness become the norm.

There are lots of cats and dogs that need good homes. Start by doing something good today and go to your local spca an adopt one. The rewards are ten fold. And don't forget animals are like humans they need love, exercise, good food, medical care,cost money, and may not always do everything you want them to so make sure you are ready for the responsibility that comes with having a little heart dependent upon you.

Today my blog is dedicated to cuddles. Whose story can be read by following the link below.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009


If you are like me and have sensitivities to wool, you know just how hard it can be to find pretty, warm winter sweaters without wool. This season Old Navy brought out very pretty sweaters but to my dismay every one of them contained some percentage of wool.

Oh I've tried my share of wool coats and sweaters but the itching eventually takes over and makes wearing it too uncomfortable. Even tried putting button down shirts under them but didn't help all that much. And I've bought a few cotton sweaters here and there but they are so light that they are more designed for summer than the cold air of winter.

Our office happens to be freezing in both summer and winter so I can't even really get away with just a button down, a warm sweater is a must.

So what is one to do when they can't wear wool. Any ideas?

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