Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm a true romantic through and through. In fact, probably what they call an old school romantic. And I've heard people say that romance has become a lost art. To hear that saddens me as I feel romance is an important aspect of life it brings a little magic to each of our lives.

Romance isn't something that can be truly defined because it's about making someone feel loved and appreciated. Ultimately romance is incredibly personal. Different things are going to make different people feel loved. Maybe that is why romance has become a lost art because people get too caught up in Hollywood's definition of romance instead of creating their own.

It also means putting side what one considers romantic and considering what their partner finds romantic, and then finding a way to bring both partners romantic ideas together so both feel loved. And lets not forget romance can be created for anyone, including oneself because it's really just an expression of love. And that is why it should never become a lost art because expressing love is what keeps relationships of all kinds strong, happy, and nurtured.

Personally speaking romance to me is candles, flowers, cards or little notes, kisses, cuddling, slow dancing, making love, gentle rubs, breakfast in bed, walks while holding hands, watching sunsets, cooking together, and other simple little gestures.

And if you are reading this think about what romance means to you? And create a little romance today. Or go do something romantic for the one you love. Big or small it doesn't matter, what matters most is that it comes from the heart.

And if so inclined share your romantic ideas here, or drop me a note as I'd love to hear your thoughts on what romance means to you.

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