Friday, September 11, 2009

Rain And The House

So we rent and that pretty much means we are at the hands of our landlord should there be a problem. As some know, there are landlords who are very hands on and others who are most definitely not. Ours is the former, and it's definitely been interesting when something needs to be fixed. The house still has no rain gutters which is a long story in itself.

Rain though is the worst because the basement floods, and they are well aware it floods but don't care to do anything about it. Yeah you heard right. So when it floods the water just sits there until it evaporates, or seeps into the ground. The home is an older Victorian type....the basement just has the cement floor with old crumbly walls.

The inside of the house was completely remodeled with new everything it's very pretty, but the sad part is they never did anything to the outside or the basement. And the basement, with all the flooding is definitely not going to hold can see mold starting to form already.

So I guess I'm sitting here today thinking why would they not at least install a sump pump? Or take the time to put up gutters which would help move the water to the street? This house was owned by my landlords family so you think she would want to maintain it and keep it nice. The lack of pride some people have when it comes to taking care of houses and property is surprising.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to worry because this stagnant water laying in the basement and seeping through the house cannot be good. It is going to breed mold and who knows what else. Yes, we have definitely been looking for a new place but right now the market just isn't that great for what we are looking for or finding it in the area we want.

It's obvious she is going to do nothing. In fact, she acts as if water sitting in the basement is no big deal. Seriously. So what could be done in the meantime. Do we pour bleach on the stagnant water? How can we really prevent mold from forming without spending a lot of money?

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