Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Do We Really Help?

How do we really help? My degree is in psychology with a concentration in addictions/drug counseling and I tend to ponder that question a lot.

Drugs have always annoyed me for many reasons.... they change personalities, they destroy lives, they cause people to lie, steal, and partake in activities/behaviors they otherwise would not. Sometimes they destroy the core of who someone is and take over their lives. They put others in society at risk, for example when they drive under the influence. Not to mention all the kids being raised my parents who just pass along the problem.

Just never saw the appeal to it. So one feels good for a little, that's all it is and eventually one has to keep doing it to feel that way hence usually leading to some form of dependency. Besides why if someone is healthy would they want to risk putting their body through all that? Risk hurting themselves? I get annoyed if I have to take antibiotics or even tylenol because who wants that crap in the body unless they absolutely need it?

Something compelled me to want to help. As always found it interesting because drugs cross over into every class, every race, and every neighborhood there's no discrimination when it comes to who uses. And it's users all need the same kind of help.

I've had acquintances some close, some not, along the way through highschool until now that have had issues with alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, painkillers and even heroin. And I've tried hard to help the ones who asked for it, and even help the ones that didn't.

But the question always remains the same, and not just with drugs but with any addiction, how do we really help those who need it? Many of who don't want to be helped but who desperately need it. Maybe it starts with asking why first? Why did they start? What do they get from it that it's worth risking their lives and going in debt for? There are no concrete answers I suppose.

For example with drugs/ do you help people who try to hide or lie about their problems? Who cannnot own up to the drugs they take, the amount they take or drink, or the lies they tell to cover it all up? Or the people who don't believe or even realize they have a problem? I think for most families and loved ones the lies are just as worse as the problem. The people with the problems are so consumed by it they don't realize how apparant their lies, desperation, moods, and overall behavior are to those around them. How very hard they make it to get help for themselves and to let others help them.

So until people of this world figure out how to live life sober, this world needs to figure out how to really help? What is the answer?

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