Friday, August 14, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles....why????

Why is the question I keep asking over and over this morning. I don't understand how the NFL could even think about reinstating Michael Vick back into the NFL. Nor how the Philadelphia Eagles could hire him. Is it all about winning and money?

Could it be that Andy Reid's feels like he must give him a second chance because Reid's kids are criminals too? In fact, Reid's kids might be more dangerous than Vick given they seem to be always high on some hardcore drug or pulling guns on innocent citizens in Philadelphia. Is that why Eagles?

Whatever the reason this is the NFL not a rehabilation program for parolees. And based on Vicks past action and behvavior, a serious rehabilation program is what Vick needs....not a job playing in the NFL. Yes, I'm all for second chances but in the case of anyone who has committed a serious crime it needs to be done slowly. And there has to be a serious rehabilation process instated before such people can live normal lives in society again.

I am disgusted by the thought of this man who tortured and abused dogs in such cruel manners be allowed to resume his career in the NFL so easily. No that is not right and what message does that send to our society? I'm a huge sports fan but I find it difficult to understand how professional sports leagues seems so nonchalant about such matters.

As part of his parole Vick should be working in a program to rehabilitate the dogs lives he destroyed, not given the highly prestigious job of a professional athlete so soon. We aren't aren't talking about a few hours a week either, he should be working at one of these animal shelters 8 hrs or more a day. And half, if not more, of his salary should be required to be donated to the SPCA. That would be a good start.

It's just a sad day in Philadelphia, as if we don't have enough problems in the city to contend with now this. One thing is for sure my Eagles jersey is going in the trash because I've reached my limit with the Eagles organization between the coaches kids terrorizing the city, McNabbs inability to be a true team leader, Lurie's showy Hollywood ways, and now Vick it's just not a respectable organization or one to be proud of.

This would be a good time to donate to the local animal organizations and shelters. They are the real heros who save the victims in cases like Vicks. So please donate your money and time because these organizations that protect and save dogs need funding.

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