Friday, August 7, 2009

Beauty, Happiness, Success, and Love......

While watching "La Ink" last night, there was a woman getting a tattoo, who shared a personal story of insecurity that plagued her much of her life. She resorted to all kinds of plastic sugery in the hopes of being that perfect person she thought she needed to become to be happy, successful, and find love. As viewers quickly learned it didn't change her life in the ways she believed it would and she learned she had to love and accept herself for who she was.

It got me thinking about how society has left so many people with many of those same insecurities. Why do so many people feel they need to be perfect, or have certain material and/or physical attributes to be happy, successful, or loved?

When will our society ever realize it doesn't matter what one looks like, it doesn't matter what one does for a living, nor how much one makes, what they have, who they date, etc., what matters is who one is on the inside. Yet our society's insecurities run rampand, materialism and superficialism are everywhere. We are all guilty of it to some extent.

But I'd like to think we each have the ability to change the world one small step at a time. So let's stop hiring super models for magazines....let's see real people modeling the clothes we wear. Or stop believing that being a lawyer makes one better than being a trash collector. How about stop the obession with having to be a certain body type if God wanted us all to have the same body type he would have made us that way. Those are just a small examples but I think any one reading gets the point.

True beauty, happiness, success, and love are measured not by the size of our bodies, pockets, cars, houses, but by the size of our hearts. Until we as a society understand this, we will keep passing on these insecurities and false sense of what it means to be happy, successful and loved to future generations.

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  1. Very nice Ann. I tend to agree with your perspective. As I read your thoughts I thought of the add by a well known soap brand that used full figured women for their advertisement. It was well received and I suspect fairly successful.
    Also have you noticed the advertisement campaign from Old Navy that are actually mannequins? No need for high priced models there.
    Lastly, there was another article that I recently read that stated TV viewership was up since this recession but they had a surprising statistic stating that you were more likely to buy goods because of all of the messaging and the point was - if you want to save money turn the TV off. The reality is the yearning for you to be like those other skinny models is at the core of the advertising message. Therefore driving our materialism. In order to continue this materialistic lifestyle the vast majority of the public lives beyond their means.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you are well.

    Best -- Fink


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