Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sex In The News Yet Again

Another story in the news about an athlete, superbowl quarterback infact, accused of sexual assault. It has left me wondering why athletes or other high profile figures would bother to have sexual relations with people they don't know, or people outside their marriages? Or for that matter why anyone, famous or not, would choose to.

I'm sick of hearing the excuses people give....that they need variety, they were stressed, they were having relationship problems, they don't get enough at home, they are young, they were drunk and whatever other lame excuses are given. Makes me want to yell grow up, or seek help because everyone experiences such feelings but they don't act upon them or go about sexually assaulting others.

Haven't figures like Magic Johnson taught us anything? Didn't the whole Kobe Bryant incident make people think twice? How about the Craigslist psycho? Sex these days is treated so nonchalantly, yet there's nothing nonchalant about it. People forget along with sex comes the chance of diseases (some of which can't be cured), pregnancy, and in this day age the possibility of being accused of sexual assault as some of these athletes are. What most forget is that it could happen to anyone, famous or not.

So why then do so many people chose to sleep with people they don't know, don't love, etc.. And married people take the biggest risk of all because they risk hurting the one person they took a vow before God to love and protect. All for a romp in bed with someone that has the potential to later blackmail them or put them in jail? Or worse yet give them an incurable disease?

I just can't get over how nonchalant our society has become regarding sex. I've watched reality shows on tv about prostitute ranches in Nevada. Are people that desperate for sex? And craigslist has become a hot house for prostitutes offering their services secretly by advertising massages this was apparent when the craigslist incident in Boston occurred. Who feels the need to go to such places? Why would anyone want to be with someone who has sexually offered their body and touched thousands of others? Those are the people in my opinion with real issues. But then again how is that different then the people who claim they have slept with hundreds of random individuals, that's really gross too.

I understand people make mistakes, especially when they are younger. But there are enough stories in the news and internet today that one would think would make people think twice about their actions and behaviors. Even teenagers are more educated and have more resources at their disposable to make more knowledgeable decisions....yet so many still continue to risk it.

These people are asking for trouble. They are risking their jobs, health, basically their whole lives for a little sexual gratification? What happened to finding one person and being in a monogamous relationship, is that such a foreign concept? Can no one contain their needs until they find that, or once they find it can they not be happy with just having relations with one person?

I do not feel sorry for these athletes, or others, who are accused of such acts because they knowingly choose to participate in such behavior. They choose to become involved with these strangers. I'm just tired of hearing about sex in the news yet again. It's not something to be taken lightly but yet it seems that our world is light years away from ever understanding that concept.

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