Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just One Of Those Days

Some days do you ever just feel like the world is against you? Nothing you do or try to do ever goes smoothly? Sometimes it feels like you give love to the world but that the world doesn't return the sentiment? It's as if ....no matter what you say, or do, no one seems to appreciate it? My week started off a little rough. I was feeling a little down which happens sometimes when we feel excited about something and then it doesn't always go the way we hoped. Guess I'm like a little kid in that way, I tend to get excited way in advance of something I'm looking forward to. Anyway....

In addition, lately the workday over here has felt endless. Working in a corporate environment I feel my creative side isn't getting to shine as much now. And right now I wish the flower guy would walk through the door with a bouquet of flowers. And maybe a teddy bear? Ok so that is asking a little much. haha Since that mostly likely isn't going to happen I will share a beautiful photo of flowers, something is better than nothing right? And maybe this beautiful photo will inspire others today.

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