Friday, July 31, 2009

In Honor Of Buster Bob

Today is a very sad day because Buster Bob, my sister's beloved greyhound, had to be put to sleep. Pets become part of the family, and when we lose them we grieve just as we would any family member. It's hard to even express or discuss without tears flowing freely.

Buster Bob was adopted by my sister and her husband through NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program). An amazing program that finds loving homes for these beautiful greyhounds. He was a former racing greyhound, to see him run was simply amazing. He often looked as if he was flying through the air.

Upon adoption they were told he wasn't good with children or other small animals but with their unconditional loving support he went on to become a very good, obedient dog....good around both children and other animals. A favorite of mine was when you asked for his paw, he would always extend it. And when told to sit he always did.

In fact, he had a gentle, loving spirit. While my dog was running laps around him trying to play ball outside, he prefered to lounge on a blanket and be rubbed. Guess he figured he had spent all those years racing so now was his time to relax.

He was also very protective.... stood guard beside my small dog Angel when walking through places such as Petsmart, it was then that we referred to Buster Bob as Angel's boyfriend. And once when a neighbor's Pitbull jumped the fence he protected everyone by trying to fend the dog off, even suffered a bite in his efforts.

And when my sister had a baby he stepped right up to the plate and acted like a gentlemen. He never acted jealous like some dogs do when a baby comes into a family, no he instead just followed her around when she dropped food, or laid on the floor beside her wherever she was. He loved to be rubbed, loved treats, loved to be around people, he loved the life my sister and her husband gave him. They gave him unconditional love and in return he gave it back.

So it is with much sadness that I write this today because Buster Bob will be very missed. Buster Bob we love you so much. You may be gone from this life as we know it but you will not be forgotten. Hope to see you in the next life!


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  1. Oh, what a beautiful dog. I'm so sorry for the loss of this incredible creature.


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