Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Erin Andrews Fiasco

So I think by now anyone that has an interest in sports has heard about the Erin Andrews incident. And I've read numerous articles written about the situation, the unfairness of how women get judged for more than just the work, and even the affects it could have on future women wanting to work in sports.

It simply is amazing the way grown men become such boys when it comes to matters of the body. Take for instance Andrews video clip....men were rushing to try and find it on the internet. But why? Is it really such a big deal to see a clip of a woman naked? I just don't understand the obsession men have when it comes to viewing naked women. I guess each female private part looks so different that it has to be inspected and oogled over by the men of this world? What if it was their girlfriend, sister, or even mothers body that was being broadcast across the internet for all to see, how would they feel then?

And I agree women sports journalist are judged way to harshly. What about men sport journalists who go on air with greasy old school haircuts, stomachs that over hang their pants, or overall just poor hygiene. No comments are ever made about their appearance. And how many older women still get reporting jobs compared to the men. Not to mention how many average women do you see getting the top reporting jobs, men expect to see eye candy. Well if that's the case thenI think they should consider the female viewers and show us some male eye candy.

Back to Erin, her situation is horrible, to think her privacy was invaded like that plain sucks. And to have ones naked body broadcast all over the internet as hers was, well thats just sad.

I'd also like to make a comment that some women may not agree with but I think these women reporters also need to dress more conservatively. Don't wear tight clothing or clothing that draws attention to certain female parts if you want to be taken serious. I'm tired of seeing some of these women wear low cut shirts, or too tight fitting of pants that is asking to be oogled. If they want to be thought of as a sex object than go right ahead but we don't see the men on tv wearing tight pants that show off their packages. Just a thought.

Anyway, I don't want to even write any further because it just sucks to think about the way women are treated, and the way they let themselves be treated sometimes. There is so much more to say on this subject as it goes much deeper than just the Erin Andrews situation.

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