Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Zen Of Golf

I'm sure there are numerous reasons people take up the sport of golf....some have aspirations of becoming the next Tiger Woods, others play simply because they love the sport, some play to relieve stress, others play for the shear enjoyment of the outdoors, and I'm sure there are a 100 other reasons people could list as well.

Myself I play because to me golf brings a sense of zen. Of course, that is when I allow myself to enjoy the sport and not get wrapped up in worrying about my score. You see as soon as I obsess with trying to get the perfect score or have the perfect shot, is when my game seems to head downhill and the enjoyment of the game is lost.

That's not to say that I don't wish I could obtain scores like Tiger, or even Jack back in his's just that for now I'm content playing the game to the best of my ability. I practice, read books on the game, and even taken lessons. I'm learning to laugh at some of the outrageous shots I sometimes have because let me tell you laughing is better than having to spend money to replace a club bent out of frustration. haha

Besides laughing is good it relieves stress....maybe more people need to learn to laugh on the golf course and not take it so serious. And don't worry I have no problem picking up the ball if I think my play is too slow. haha By the way, did I mention I once had a hole-in-one on a chip and putt course? That so far is the highlight of my golf game!

I've seen fellow golfers sprint the course, with scowls on their face, who look like they are having no fun....definitely don't want to turn into that type of golfer. That's the aspect of the game I don't like the attitudes that sometimes seem to grace the fairways. Relax, enjoy the game, the day, and if your in that big of a rush, or think your such a better player than those around you go try playing in the pga. The reality of that should humble a player of those sorts.

Golf can be a form of zen for those who let it be. It's those golfers who just play for the love of the game....those golfers who can laugh at themselves, who don't take take the game or themselves too serious, who have patience with those they play with and fellow golfers on the course, who whether they post a 70 or over 100 can say they had fun.

The zen of golf is probably the trickiest part of the game to master, that's if it can ever be mastered. It's like anything else though when you can just let go, enjoy the moment, focus on the game, the day, the people you play with, and appreciate the fact that you can even's a nice zone to be in.

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