Monday, June 8, 2009

Tobacco, Money, Health and Habit

Okay so why is it that smoking seems to be banned from just about every public place imaginable these days, tobacco has known dangerous carcinogens, and yet cigarettes and other tobacco products are allowed to still be produced? Dangerous chemicals like certain pesticides are removed from the market if found to be dangerous yet tobacco products remain. So it comes down to money then right? These tobacco companies are powerful, money making companies for which the government seems to refuse to take on due to a bunch of reasons only one can guess. Although, the government has no problems banning it from public places, and if it's dangerous enough to ban from public places why not just stop producing it altogether?

I'm not a smoker so I don't claim to understand why anyone would want to smoke in this day and age. In my opinion, it's a nasty habit. Smokers no matter how hard they try to cover up the smoke odor still smell like smoke. In fact, not only do their clothes, car, skin, etc, smell but their breath omits a smoke smell which gum can never cover up. Their teeth turn yellow. And I will never figure out why anyone wants to ruin their car or house by smoking in it, the smoke smell does not come out it lingers on the interior.

Why people even begin to smoke amazes me. With all the warnings out who would want to? What do kids think is so cool about it? And it begins with kids at least that's what I understand from most people who smoke. Most all say they started as teenagers.

Just doesn't make sense why tobacco is allowed to be sold in a day and age where it's known to be a danger to health. It's not fair to non smokers that this is allowed to float through the air. Enough is enough it's time to take action and stop making the very products that make the people in it sick. There is an organization for just about every disease out there, and maybe some of the money of these organizations should be used to shut down the production of hazardous and dangerous chemicals such as tobacco that cause disease.

Limiting the age, raising the price of cigarettes will not help....the solution is to stop the production of cigarettes and other such products. Seriously why do these large corporations and businesses seem to get away with polluting the environments with hazardous chemicals?

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