Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok so my post yesterday referring to tobacco is a little close to home, you see someone very special to me smokes, whether it's one, two or a pack it's still smoking. The thing is....what one person does usually affects those around them. Second hand smoke is always around when someone smokes. And on a beautiful outdoors type of day the smell of smoke tends to ruin the whole purpose of being outside in fresh air.

I realize you can't make anyone give up something they enjoy and I don't want to do that.

Guess I just don't want to have to breath it in either. If the smoker wants to smoke I have to respect that, but smokers need to respect that not everyone else wants to breath in their smoke right? There's a reason us non smokers don't smoke. But is there really a fair solution, I'm not sure. And I like to pride myself in being fair.

It's hard to explain to a smoker how their smoke infiltrates things. It really is in their breath, on their skin, hair, clothes, car, etc.. Take for instance my outdoor furniture and flowers. I created what was suppose to be a green environment on my patio. Don't laugh every plant helps. All that now tends to have a smoke smell. And since I'm the one who bought the furniture....The patio is one of those victoria types with a roof so it tends to trap the smoke smell.

I understand smoker feels they should have the right to sit there, that makes complete sense but smoker doesn't realize how much what I created means to me. And the smoke smell is the very kind of environment I was trying to avoid. Plus, the smoke smell tends to come in the open windows and leave the house smelling smokey. The road creates enough harmful chemicals coming in each day, hey if you don't believe me just look at your window sills. Especially if you live close to a main road.

Anyway, I love my smoker either way because it doesn't define who they are by any means. But if smoker must smoke than there should be a designated smoking area no? haha Anyway back to coming up with a fair solution. How about leave the patio as the green spot and create another smoking spot in the back of the house where smoker can sit to smoke. Does that sound reasoable fair? Any smokers care to chime in on what they think would be fair?

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