Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Holes....

So yesterday went out and played 18 holes. As a golfer who scores are usually over 1oo, sometimes playing can be intimidating because as I said not all golfers are pleasant.., nor patient. So when we drove up and saw how crowded the course was my first thought was "oh no". After a decent practice round at the range, I felt slightly better but still a tad nervous. That first shot off the tee, is especially nerve wracking as you hope it takes off through the air and not lands at your feet.

Due to the amount of people, when we got up to the tee we were paired with another twosome. That's when I get even more nervous because now more people are watching my shots. And judging from their first shots they looked good!

Here is where I was pleasantly surprised because although they were great golfers, they were also very patient and understanding. Who had words of wisdom to share...enjoy the game, you paid your money take your time. They both then preceded to give me great tips throughout the game. Plus, they pointed out the only way to get better is to play.

And you see this is the type golfer I was referring to just the other day. The golfer who plays because they love the game, who doesn't take it too seriously, nor rush through the game, and who has patience. Wow, I really could not believe it because that is just the type golfer I enjoy playing with.

Maybe golf is really half the mental challenge, to not let yourself get defeated when you take those bad shots. And to just play the game and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Though that's hard because I feel as a female golfer there is some how more to prove. Anyway it comes back to that zen feeling....of just letting yourself enjoy the game for what it is.

People don't realize the affect they have on others, or how just by simple being nice they can really inspire others. Probably won't see those two golfers again but I'm going to thank them anyway. Thanks for keeping the game light, for your patience, for all those great tips, and for cheering like you did when I had a great shot!

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