Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Is The Sun?

Enough is enough....there has not been one full, sunny day in Philadelphia the whole month of June yet. It rains just about everyday and when it's not raining it's cloudy. It feels like the Pacific Northwest. What happened to the sun, or the season known as summer?

Instead of wearing short sleeves....I'm sitting here freezing in a long sleeve sweater and fleece pullover. Not to mention the a/c at the office must not be aware that it's not sunny nor warm outside because it is still continuing to pump out cold air. In fact, if it keeps up I may need a space heater in the office to keep warm this summer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dogs In The Workplace

So....the girl next door to where I work brings her dog to work, and another friend works for a large company that allows its employees to bring their dogs to work. What a great concept!

As long as the dogs are behaved, groomed and can sit properly with their owners, why not?

It's like allowing employees to wear jeans to gives them incentive to want to come to work. Not only that but research has shown dogs make for a more calm work environment.

But today I don't feel like getting into the pros or cons of it. I simply just miss my dog. Wish I could bring her to work, or find a job that allows me to work from home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Holes....

So yesterday went out and played 18 holes. As a golfer who scores are usually over 1oo, sometimes playing can be intimidating because as I said not all golfers are pleasant.., nor patient. So when we drove up and saw how crowded the course was my first thought was "oh no". After a decent practice round at the range, I felt slightly better but still a tad nervous. That first shot off the tee, is especially nerve wracking as you hope it takes off through the air and not lands at your feet.

Due to the amount of people, when we got up to the tee we were paired with another twosome. That's when I get even more nervous because now more people are watching my shots. And judging from their first shots they looked good!

Here is where I was pleasantly surprised because although they were great golfers, they were also very patient and understanding. Who had words of wisdom to share...enjoy the game, you paid your money take your time. They both then preceded to give me great tips throughout the game. Plus, they pointed out the only way to get better is to play.

And you see this is the type golfer I was referring to just the other day. The golfer who plays because they love the game, who doesn't take it too seriously, nor rush through the game, and who has patience. Wow, I really could not believe it because that is just the type golfer I enjoy playing with.

Maybe golf is really half the mental challenge, to not let yourself get defeated when you take those bad shots. And to just play the game and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Though that's hard because I feel as a female golfer there is some how more to prove. Anyway it comes back to that zen feeling....of just letting yourself enjoy the game for what it is.

People don't realize the affect they have on others, or how just by simple being nice they can really inspire others. Probably won't see those two golfers again but I'm going to thank them anyway. Thanks for keeping the game light, for your patience, for all those great tips, and for cheering like you did when I had a great shot!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Zen Of Golf

I'm sure there are numerous reasons people take up the sport of golf....some have aspirations of becoming the next Tiger Woods, others play simply because they love the sport, some play to relieve stress, others play for the shear enjoyment of the outdoors, and I'm sure there are a 100 other reasons people could list as well.

Myself I play because to me golf brings a sense of zen. Of course, that is when I allow myself to enjoy the sport and not get wrapped up in worrying about my score. You see as soon as I obsess with trying to get the perfect score or have the perfect shot, is when my game seems to head downhill and the enjoyment of the game is lost.

That's not to say that I don't wish I could obtain scores like Tiger, or even Jack back in his's just that for now I'm content playing the game to the best of my ability. I practice, read books on the game, and even taken lessons. I'm learning to laugh at some of the outrageous shots I sometimes have because let me tell you laughing is better than having to spend money to replace a club bent out of frustration. haha

Besides laughing is good it relieves stress....maybe more people need to learn to laugh on the golf course and not take it so serious. And don't worry I have no problem picking up the ball if I think my play is too slow. haha By the way, did I mention I once had a hole-in-one on a chip and putt course? That so far is the highlight of my golf game!

I've seen fellow golfers sprint the course, with scowls on their face, who look like they are having no fun....definitely don't want to turn into that type of golfer. That's the aspect of the game I don't like the attitudes that sometimes seem to grace the fairways. Relax, enjoy the game, the day, and if your in that big of a rush, or think your such a better player than those around you go try playing in the pga. The reality of that should humble a player of those sorts.

Golf can be a form of zen for those who let it be. It's those golfers who just play for the love of the game....those golfers who can laugh at themselves, who don't take take the game or themselves too serious, who have patience with those they play with and fellow golfers on the course, who whether they post a 70 or over 100 can say they had fun.

The zen of golf is probably the trickiest part of the game to master, that's if it can ever be mastered. It's like anything else though when you can just let go, enjoy the moment, focus on the game, the day, the people you play with, and appreciate the fact that you can even's a nice zone to be in.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Capris In the Office

So the other day I wore dressy wide leg capris to work....the same ones I wore to work all last summer. The higher ups even commented last year about how they liked them. Our office branch rarely receives clients so as long as a client wasn't coming in we were allowed to wear them.

Well I don't know when the rules changes but they did. So when I and another coworker wore the capris we were told we should reserve them for Fridays only. And that's ok, although we should have been warned that capris were no longer acceptable forms of clothing beforehand. As I said I wore them all last season, so much so that this season I went out and bought more.

Which brings me to the question what is acceptable dress for the workplace? It definitely has changed over the years to a more casual professional style.

I know friends who work for very professional law firms who are allowed to wear the dressy capris. I wasn't even aware there were many offices that still had true dress attire requirements, as it seems most offices these days are business casual. If companies do prefer their employees wear certain type of clothing or refrain from wearing other types, than this should probably be in writing because it saves people from spending money on articles of clothing that can't be worn to the office.


Back to the capris....capris cover more skin and leg than most skirts. If we are allowed to wear skirts above the knee, why not dressy capris? Depending on the capri, I think they are more polished and professional looking than a lot of skirts. And the photo above is a good example of the capri being referred too.

How is wearing capris any different than guys wearing polo shirts in the summer to work? Both are summer style clothes that most designers market to professionals as work attire.

Most people here rarely leave their desks....they spend most days sitting at their computers. So would it really hurt to wear professional looking capris?

Most companies within the corporate complex here allow capris, not to mention the marketing companies here who allow their employees to wear jeans. It really comes down to how clothes are put together. I've seen people who are dressed professional who look more sloppy and unprofessional than those people wearing nice jeans and a casual shirt. I just think it would be nice if companies gave employees more variety with regards to work place attire, especially in this economy where many people just don't have the money to spend on clothes.

As for those can be sure I will be wearing them come Fridays!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok so my post yesterday referring to tobacco is a little close to home, you see someone very special to me smokes, whether it's one, two or a pack it's still smoking. The thing is....what one person does usually affects those around them. Second hand smoke is always around when someone smokes. And on a beautiful outdoors type of day the smell of smoke tends to ruin the whole purpose of being outside in fresh air.

I realize you can't make anyone give up something they enjoy and I don't want to do that.

Guess I just don't want to have to breath it in either. If the smoker wants to smoke I have to respect that, but smokers need to respect that not everyone else wants to breath in their smoke right? There's a reason us non smokers don't smoke. But is there really a fair solution, I'm not sure. And I like to pride myself in being fair.

It's hard to explain to a smoker how their smoke infiltrates things. It really is in their breath, on their skin, hair, clothes, car, etc.. Take for instance my outdoor furniture and flowers. I created what was suppose to be a green environment on my patio. Don't laugh every plant helps. All that now tends to have a smoke smell. And since I'm the one who bought the furniture....The patio is one of those victoria types with a roof so it tends to trap the smoke smell.

I understand smoker feels they should have the right to sit there, that makes complete sense but smoker doesn't realize how much what I created means to me. And the smoke smell is the very kind of environment I was trying to avoid. Plus, the smoke smell tends to come in the open windows and leave the house smelling smokey. The road creates enough harmful chemicals coming in each day, hey if you don't believe me just look at your window sills. Especially if you live close to a main road.

Anyway, I love my smoker either way because it doesn't define who they are by any means. But if smoker must smoke than there should be a designated smoking area no? haha Anyway back to coming up with a fair solution. How about leave the patio as the green spot and create another smoking spot in the back of the house where smoker can sit to smoke. Does that sound reasoable fair? Any smokers care to chime in on what they think would be fair?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tobacco, Money, Health and Habit

Okay so why is it that smoking seems to be banned from just about every public place imaginable these days, tobacco has known dangerous carcinogens, and yet cigarettes and other tobacco products are allowed to still be produced? Dangerous chemicals like certain pesticides are removed from the market if found to be dangerous yet tobacco products remain. So it comes down to money then right? These tobacco companies are powerful, money making companies for which the government seems to refuse to take on due to a bunch of reasons only one can guess. Although, the government has no problems banning it from public places, and if it's dangerous enough to ban from public places why not just stop producing it altogether?

I'm not a smoker so I don't claim to understand why anyone would want to smoke in this day and age. In my opinion, it's a nasty habit. Smokers no matter how hard they try to cover up the smoke odor still smell like smoke. In fact, not only do their clothes, car, skin, etc, smell but their breath omits a smoke smell which gum can never cover up. Their teeth turn yellow. And I will never figure out why anyone wants to ruin their car or house by smoking in it, the smoke smell does not come out it lingers on the interior.

Why people even begin to smoke amazes me. With all the warnings out who would want to? What do kids think is so cool about it? And it begins with kids at least that's what I understand from most people who smoke. Most all say they started as teenagers.

Just doesn't make sense why tobacco is allowed to be sold in a day and age where it's known to be a danger to health. It's not fair to non smokers that this is allowed to float through the air. Enough is enough it's time to take action and stop making the very products that make the people in it sick. There is an organization for just about every disease out there, and maybe some of the money of these organizations should be used to shut down the production of hazardous and dangerous chemicals such as tobacco that cause disease.

Limiting the age, raising the price of cigarettes will not help....the solution is to stop the production of cigarettes and other such products. Seriously why do these large corporations and businesses seem to get away with polluting the environments with hazardous chemicals?
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