Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Is The Obsession With Texting and Social Networks

The phenomenon that is text messaging has swept over the world the last couple years. Why is this? What is so exciting about text messaging? I don’t understand it! And what is this new obsession with detailing ones life on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Do we really need to know every detail of someones life? What did people do before they had these means of communication.

Remember when we just had phones with answering machines???? If a person wasn't home they left a message....they didn't need to know where or what the person was doing 24/7 and people seemed to get along just fine. I just don't understand this constant need to inform others of what one is doing. Do people really need to be texting first thing in the morning, what is so important?

Let's discuss texting first. For example I know a guy who I would classify as an obsessive texter. Out to dinner, sporting event, doesn't matter what he is doing ...the texts don't stop. One has to tell him they are going to bed to get them to stop. I just want to tell people like him to find something constructive to put their time into. Help build a house, start a charity, take a hike, go on vacation, read a book, do something other then spend your life constantly glued to the phone texting. Even if he was doing something constructive he would probably just text with one hand and work with the other. Maybe he has ADD or OCD and just can't stop himself from doing it?

If a person is out at any kind of event with friends....why would they need to be on the phone texting every move or event to another? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of being out with others and enjoying their company. Nothing annoys me more then being out socially with whoever it might be and the individual being preoccupied by texting. One night while at a basketball I watched two girls just sit there texting all night, they barely looked up. So what was the point of them wasting their money to go to a game that they didn't watch, nor barely acknowledged the presence of each other. I've even watched people text during business meetings then look puzzled when they get a warning from supervisor. Hello?

I just wish people could understand how impolite and rude it is to be texting and talking on their cell phones when in the company of others. It's equivalent to having a conversation and not including the other person. How would anyone feel if they were out to dinner and the other people there started whispering to each other? Maybe someone needs to write a book or course on the etiquette of phone usage.

What I don't get is....don't people have better things to do with their time? If a person is driving then they should concentrate on driving not texting. Trust me the text will still be there to respond to when they safely park the car.

Now don't even get me started with Facebook or Twitter. Honestly I can understand an update here and there but what about those people who have to post every detail of their day? Does anyone really care to know that another is getting food, watching a movie, or doing whatever else. It's hard to think people are enjoying themselves if they are busy typing away on their phones or computers. Don't get me wrong I think it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and catch up with long lost ones....but I just don't think posting publicly every move they make is necessary.

I'll admit I joined Facebook but it was because I wanted to catch up with some old high school and college friends. And occasionally when bored I will post the occasional update, but I can go days without checking it and I don't feel the need to post daily updates of what I'm doing. The quizzes I can definitely do without I don't need to know what celebrity I resemble or what character I would be on Sex In The City.

And if everyone is online or on the phone who is actually working? Can someone explain the texting and social network obsession?

I'm not bashing texting or social networks by any means but what I am saying is let's not become a world obsessed with it. Let's not become a world where we can't live without our phones or computers. Let's not focus so much on our fantasy phone and computer lives that we forget what and who is real, and what's not. And if out with family and friends don't they deserve full attention, as they are the ones who set aside the time to be there.

Feel free to comment as my view is just that, my view. And it's not right or wrong just an opinion. I'm always open to hearing others opinions.

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