Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Horse and Carriage Solution to Reckless Driving

I'm beginning to wonder if this country should think about going back to the horse and carriage mode of transportation. Why you ask?

Well let's start with the fact that everyday on my way to and from work I encounter at least two reckless drivers. You know the kind I'm talking about....the ones who tail the crap out of you even when traffic is as thick as pea soup with no where to go, or the drivers who cut in front of a line of traffic basically side swiping other cars to merge onto highways, better yet the speed racers who weave in and out of traffic barely missing other cars to advance ahead, and then of course there are the drivers who are too busy texting,talking, etc. to know what is going on around them.

Just yesterday I encountered a woman who was driving like a weaving manic on a 35 mph road. It was noon what was her rush? She looked to be about 50 what prompted this woman to act like that? As she tailed each car in front of her, hitting the steering wheel, hocking her horn, and pretty much making a fool of herself I wondered what could possible be that important? Let me guess she was rushing home to watch The View?

Is it that hard to wait in a line to get on the highway? Are they really saving that much time by cutting in front of other drivers that it's worth putting others in danger? Is it really that bad to drive the speed limit and follow the flow of other cars on the road? Usually those speeders end up next to the same car they barely passed at the next light. Is it really that important to talk on the phone or text while driving? One can't have that much to say that it can't wait until they are not operating a car.

My driving experiences have been so bad lately that now when I encounter a reckless driver who is putting others in danger I pull over, call the cops with the license and description of the reckless drivers car. Who knows if that helps but at least it's something, and something is better then nothing.

The only real way to solve the problem is to go back to horse and carriage days but looks like technology has advanced too far to get anyone to buy into those days again. Of course that might even help solve some of the environmental pollution problems as well, and our country would definitely not be as dependent on gas as well.

So, since horse and carriage is probably too old school for most and reckless drivers don't seem to be heading off the roads anytime too soon. What is the solution? Thoughts anyone?

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