Thursday, May 21, 2009

Four Day Work Week

I'm a big fan of the 4 day work week. We need more balance in our lives and spending 5 out of 7 days a week at work and only 2 with our families is ridiculous. Think about it by the time one gets home from work and does everything they need to do at home it's basically time to head to bed and there is no real time to relax. There is a reason antidepressants are the most prescribed drug because people simply have no time to relax and enjoy their lives. Why can't we find a way to shorten the work week. Although anymore shortening the work week might not even do some people any good as in this economy many people are forced to work more than one job but that is a whole other topic. Let's stick with shortening the work week for now.

Believe it was in the 1930s,the U.S. government decided on a 40 hour work week, with anything over that 40 hours being paid time and a half. Although, supposedly at the time they came very close to going with 32 hours, but other countries were adopting 40 hour work weeks, so the U.S. more or less went along with it. Why as one of those most powerful, developed nations in the world do we just go along with it. It's time to create a positive change and allow people to have lives that are not centered around work.

The average American spends most of their day at work or commuting to work. Not to mention commuting times have increased as well. And by the time the weekend rolls around and people actually have two days off those days are usually spent trying to catch up on work that needs to be done at home. Which usually takes up at least one day of the weekend if not two, leaving just about no time for relaxing.


We need to create more balance in people's lives. Life should not revolve around working. So many people spend all day couped up in an office staring at a computer all day, breathing in recirculated stale air, barely taking time to even eat lunch, and worse yet sitting in stressful traffic trying to get to and from work. Working a 8 hour day often involves 2 more hours added for commuting, 1 or 2 hours for getting ready for work, and already there are 12 hours gone. If we get the optima 8 hours of sleep that leaves 4 hours in the day left over for free time. Throw dinner, exercise, daily chores, and whatever else into that and it really isn't much time left over to relax.

Would it really hurt this country if we worked 4 days and had off 3? We are already in poor financial shape could having one more day off really be that detrimental? Or instead of reducing the days in a work week how about simply change the hours from 40 to 32. I know don't know what the solution is but it's something to think about.

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